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Ente Ltd. was founded in 2000 in Gliwice. We are a design and manufacturing company. We design systems, equipment and software in the field of electronics, IT and automation. Solutions designed by our engineers are successfully used in the following sectors: rail and road transport, industry, mining, defense, gas, telecommunications. ENTE is the performer of technologically advanced systems, the integrator of all processes from design, manufacturing, inspection, implementation and service. In addition to production of our own solutions we offer the possibility to design devices according to customer needs by offering comprehensive implementation of projects. At the moment we are looking for a partner, who would take care of distribution and implementation innovative and unique anti-collision AWIA Horyzont system. This is a technologically advanced product designed to enhance safe driving under conditions in which limited visibility poses a challenge. AWIA Horyzont: monitors the area around the vehicle, warns of personnel approaching the vehicle via a colour coded display, warns of personnel in direct machine proximity through the use of optical and acoustic signals, detects transmitter equipped personnel within 18 metres in warehouses and within 30 metres in open space. AWIA Horyzont may be used on vehicles and machines wherever there is a need for protection against sudden intrusion of pedestrian employees. Our system is a great solution for the following sectors: internal transport, ports and terminals, warehousing, logistics and distribution, quarries, centres for obtaining aggregates, mines, civil engineering and construction. Benefits of using AWIA Horyzont: provides employees with greater security in warehouses, minimize the risk of accidents and minimize their costs, increases security of pedestrian employees in zones of loading, unloading and transportation of goods, deployable on various type of machinery and vehicles, e. g. forklifts, loaders, excavators, cranes, time stamped automated logging of events, integrates with higher-level logistic systems. The AWIA Horyzont system got the Gold Medal at the International Fair of Work Protection, Fire-Fighting and Rescue Equipment "SAWO 2016" and also GRAND PRIX SAWO 2016 in the category of "Individual and collective protection measures". The Gold Medal is one of the most recognisable and prestigious awards at the Polish exhibition market. This is confirmation of innovation of our product and we are therefore very pleased.

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    Address: Ente Ltd.
    Gaudiego 7
    Gliwice, 44-100, Poland
    Telefon: Tel. +48 +48 32 33 82 200
    WWW: www.ente.com.pl

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